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Bego LaserStar T Plus

- New -
Bench laser welding unit
Single price 22.500,00 EUR
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  • Compact and powerful, with user-friendly features
  • Precision welding thanks to controllable welding energy with pulse time, charging voltage and focus adjustment
  • Ergonomic design and arrangement of the controls directly in the field of vision for convenient and fatigue-free working
  • Simple operation with a large colour touch display and intuitive menu navigation
  • Pulse shaping for high-strength stress- and crack-free joints
Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: B640 x T882 x H465mm
Weight: 85 kg
Mains voltage 230 V
cooling; integrated
Focus Adjustment: electric
Laser type: Nd: YAG
Pulse energy 50 Joules
Pulse peak power 4 KW
Pulse length from 0.5 to 20 ms
Lighting of the working chamber 2 cold light reflectors, adjustable
Magnification (visible): 15x
Wavelength: 1064 nm

- New -

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