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Testing electronical systems and equipment according to BGV A3, DIN VDE 0701, VDE 0702 and VDE 0751

We check the following category groups/units:
  • Practices from the dental field / general medicine
  • Laboratories
  • Maintenance-beds
  • all medical units that has to be checked according to MPG
The accident prevention regulation BGV A3 of the employers mutual insurance association of the mechanics and electrotechnology dictates under the headline "inquiries" in § 5 the following:
"The businessman has to take care that the electronical resources get checked in certain isochronous".
According to the execution instruction of § 5 "non-fixed electronical resources" as well as "connection-pipelines with connectors" need to be checked.
Checking means:

Measuring means:

Our services:

  • Capturing of the units and machines that need to be proven
  • Creating of a schedule und matching of appointments
  • Execution of the inspection
  • Capturing of measuring data in a data base
  • Analysis of the inspection report
  • Creating of the documentation in duplicate construction
  • (in written form and on volume)
  • Archiving of a documentation in our house for 10 years
  • Benchmark and maximum values art of check tester
  • Position adjustable electronical equipment (as far as used)
  • Extension- and equipmentconnections with plug connections
  • Connection-pipeline with connector
  • Movable pipelines with connector and attached connection guide value 6 months, on working sites 3 months
  • If a error rate of <2% is reached by the tests, the verification period kann be extended.
  • On working sites, in manufacturing- and workshops or under comparable conditions at least annually
  • In offices or under comparable conditions at least every 2 years in correct condition
  • Electricial technician, by usage of applicable measuring and testing devices auch even electro-technical instructed persons "EUPs"
Overview over the legal requirements according to DIN VDE 0751-1:

  • § 2 Abs. 8 MPBetreibV: "The instructions to the returning tests of medical products according to accident prevention are kept untouched, unless the inspection rope is included in the safety-related controls according to § 6."

  • § 6 MPBetreibV: "The operator of medical products has to ... safety-related checks ... according to the generally accepted regulations of technique executed or letting be executed"
  • § 22 Abs. 1 MPG: "Active medical producs may after purpose according to..., the generally accepted rules of the technique as well as safety at work and accident prevention regulations constructed, practiced and used."

  • § 5 Abs. 1 BGV A2: "The businessman has to make sure that the electronical systems and resources get checked in certain isochrorous."

  • § 5 Abs. 2 BGV A2: "By checking the electro-technical rules have to be followed."