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Spring discounts*

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Dürr VS 600 wet suction 230 V
Only 2.550,00 EUR
Renfert POWER Steamer 1
Only 1.350,00 EUR
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Freuding 2-place extraction system Z2 VARIOmaster
3.800,00 EUR
Max Steam Steam Cleaner MS 3 Stainless Steel
855,00 EUR
Renfert Marathon for MT2/TT2 *1801.2000
850,00 EUR
Max Steam tank cover
67,00 EUR
Owandy I- Max 3D OPG PRO
33.990,00 EUR
Dürr Kompressor "Duo Tandem" mit 1 Aggregat "Silver Airline" - USED -
2.650,00 EUR
Freuding Workstation Light F1 LED Silver
1.165,00 EUR
NSK Light Handpiece Ti-Max X-SG65L
640,00 EUR
Silent blow-out nozzle
51,00 EUR
Max Steam steam wand with tube
193,00 EUR
Renfert modelling tip probe medium
36,00 EUR
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